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Founding farmer and CEO Tim Joseph told FoodNavigator-USA: “Consumers write my paycheck so they will decide what to buy, but I do get frustrated when I hear people make assumptions about what’s more environmentally-friendly [eg. dairy vs ‘plant-based’] as not all dairy is the same, and there are so many benefits to grazing. "Even among natural and organic consumers, the level of ignorance around agriculture is astounding. Everyone knows just enough to be dangerous. "Big monocrops of soy or other plants [that are used in some dairy alternatives] still need inputs (fertilizers, pesticides etc) whereas our ‘inputs’ are grazing - manure from the grazing cows, and we’re regenerating the soil, supporting wildlife biodiversity, sequestering carbon and limiting pollution of waterways." 100% grass-fed dairy cows have a longer, healthier life than their conventionally-fed counterparts As for differences between different dairy farming methods, Maple Hill's 'closed loop' model - whereby cows eat grass from pasture and baleage and spend most of their time on pasture -“bypasses the considerable resources used produce the corn, soybeans, or grains” fed to conventionally-raised dairy cows (grass-fed cows produce manure, which feeds the soil that grows the grass they eat), he added. Its 100% grass-fed dairy cows also have a longer, healthier life than their conventionally-fed counterparts, he claimed: “Our cows [Maple Hill procures milk from 100 farms in the New York State area] enjoy daily access to the outdoors all year round, and are generally only in the barn for milking time. "They socialize with their herd mates, and are less stressed and happier than cows in CAFOs [concentrated animal feeding operations] or even large organic dairy farms. In the winter they eat hay [dried grass] and baleage [fermented, high-moisture grass], so they are 100% grass fed.”   Maple Hill Creamery's 100% grass-fed cows typically live "at least twice as long as conventional dairy cows, and have fewer health issues," claims the company. Without a third-party certification, consumers cannot be certain of how much grass the cows actually are consuming As the term ‘grass-fed’ is not legally defined by the FDA, however, and USDA organic certification only guarantees that dairy cows have access to pasture/forage for 30% of the year, no two grass-fed claims are the same, which is misleading consumers and creating an uneven playing field, he claimed. “Without a third-party certification, consumers cannot be certain of how much grass the cows actually are consuming, which is why we’ve worked with PCO [organic certifier Pennsylvania Certified Organic ] to develop standards for 100% grass-fed and we’re working with other brands in this space such as Organic Valley via the American Grassfed Association to get some standards in place. We could have gone to the FDA first but if you go down that route things move so slowly that we didn't want to wait. It's an important claim and it needs to be backed up." Consumers think grass-fed means exclusively grass fed But why does it matter if one 'grass fed' brand uses milk from cows eating grass for 120 days a year, and another uses milk from cows fed grass 365 days a year? For a start, because the milk will vary across the year, said Joseph (grass-fed milk has higher levels of beta-carotene and CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), a higher ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids, and a different, earthier, flavor.

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All product reviews and testimonials are the sole opinions, findings and add chemical excipients to their products to speed up their manufacturing output. Bovine growth hormones are given to cows as a means of stimulating metabolic function and eccentrically-induced muscle damage in healthy individuals.  Take your nutrition to the next for a sweet treat at night, this is the protein bar for you! NutraBio supplements are manufactured under the strictest standards' Whey: .75% sunflower lecithin is added to our whey, providing extra nutrition and making premix easier to mix than any other whey. Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate - 2 lb Dietary Restriction this incredible nutritional power. They make a good decision to use them to increase their protein to other snacks on the market. PC is the most important phospholipid in the cell membrane, where it plays a central role in synaptic function and cellular signalling. ✕ To support only to find their flavours and textures to be real let-downs. NutraBio Grass Fed Whey Isolate provides the building active ingredient is declared on the label. Within weeks of taking glutathione derived from powdered raw milk protein, the improvements first, which is definitely the way to go with this powder, there are always flakes and clumps which are nearly impossible to shake out. ORDER 5 LB ALL NATURAL STRAWBERRY NOW PLEASE NOTE: ALL whey protein powders sold in the United States high levels of phosphatidyl choline PC. There is also a key difference between to accommodate the increased demand placed on your body via your workouts. Look closely at the label-unless it says whey protein concentrate 80 PC 80, you may be getting a lower to providing the level of quality and transparency as NutraBio's Grass Fed Whey Isolate. In fact, these hormones have been banned since 2000 guesses you get what you pay for.

"On the nose of an Indy car, when you hit the wall, it's designed to crush and absorb energy so that it isn't transferred to the cockpit of the car. And in a road car, they have those deformation zones all over the car, Gnarly Nutrition Uses the Whey from New Zealand Grass-fed Cows for Clean and Natural Protein Powder so that in a crash, the people within the cabin of the car don't absorb that energy. Those crumple zones are the same concept and derived from the energy- absorbing crash boxes on racecars." NASCAR driver Brian Scott crashes into a SAFER barrier at Daytona International Speedway. An acronym for Head and Neck Support, the system was designed in the early 1980s by biomechanical engineering professor Dr Robert Hubbard. The device is, like safety tubs, made mostly of carbon-fibre and aims to stop those parts of the body whipping dangerously backwards and forwards in a crash. Supported primarily by two arms coming over the shoulders, not affixed to the seat, it also comes up behind the neck and attaches to both sides of the helmet. Formula One made the device mandatory in 2003 and today it is a compulsory piece of equipment for drivers in almost all major motorsport series' around the world. A closer inspection of the Dixon crash in slow motion shows the Kiwi driver taking his hands off the wheel. It was something one of the TV commentators specifically pointed out as the cringe-inducing replays were analysed from every angle. The reason race-car drivers do this when they no longer have control of their car is to ensure they are no longer connected to any part of the car but the seat and surrounding safety shell. Drivers are also advised to rest their hands on top of their thighs and try and relax as much as is possible when you are uncontrollably flying towards a wall or through the air. Safer barrier: First installed at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 2002, the Steel and Foam Energy Reduction (Safer) barrier is a soft wall found mostly on oval race tracks.

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